About us

Committed to Quality Living

At Stone County Nursing And Rehab, we operate under the simple principle that life can go on. Our supportive environment, highly-trained therapy and nursing home staff and our commitment to excellence have gained us national recognition and respect.  In turn, we are able to provide quality assisted living and care for our nursing home residents and the patients we serve.  
Our Vision
To share a facility of more than bricks and mortar; one which stands on faith and is dedicated to the organization’s mission...a mission that can stand the test of time.

Our Philosophy
Respect  Our staff understands that every patient and resident is someone’s loved one. We treat our patients like we would want our own family treated. We respect their choices, their privacy, and their individuality.
Dignity  A natural offshoot of respecting our nursing home patients allows them to understand that they matter to us. We focus on the positives of living and accentuate the patient’s and resident’s individual strengths.
Teamwork We empower our staff and employees to make decisions, take initiative, and be creative.  Each employee understands how important he or she is to our team and to the well-being of your family.
•  Family At  Stone County Nursing Home, we pride ourselves on building relationships. Our staff takes a personal interest in the well-being of our residents and patients. We like that our residents call our Nursing and Rehab facility “home,” and we think of them as family as well.

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