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Human Resources


Here at STONE COUNTY NURSING AND REHABILITATION CENTER we pride ourselves on TEAMWORK. We recognize the need for our employees to feel appreciated and respected as individuals, but also recognize that TEAMWORK creates a family type environment and atmosphere. We acknowledge our employees with an “Employee of the Month” and share that great news within our community.

We provide a smoke-free environment which produces more productive, energetic and healthy employees.

The resident’s care is our primary concern; therefore, we offer employment to motivated individuals who are dedicated to serving the needs of the patients and residents we serve.

We welcome volunteers and encourage our employees to become volunteers of the community in which they live as well.

We are committed to hiring caring and great people and offer opportunities for education and growth.

STONE COUNTY NURSING AND REHABILITATION CENTER is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability or veteran status.

To apply for an open position, click the Application Tab above.

You may drop off your completed application in person or mail to HUMAN RESOURCES – Stone County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 1436 East Central Ave Wiggins, MS 39577

You are encouraged to read our BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND DRUG SCREEN policies that are applicable to all candidates for employment with STONE COUNTY NURSING AND REHABILITATION CENTER.

Click the Policies Tab above to view our policies.

If you have any questions regarding employment opportunities, call HUMAN RESOURCES at (601) 928-1889 or email

If you are interested in a career within our Rehabilitation/Therapy departments, you may call (601)928-6740.

Please visit our other facilities dedicated to senior rehabilitation and living.