What are my options for care?

October 2018

the terminology used in the long-term care industry is an important first step in determining viable care options as well as discussing with your primary care physician and/or social worker.

Nursing Homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities, are one of the most common and familiar options for personal care. While many terms like skilled nursing facility, nursing home, and convalescent home are used interchangeably, there are distinctive characteristics that are important for potential residents, family members and caregivers considering nursing home care to understand.

The term “skilled nursing” often brings confusion as to what services this brings. Skilled nursing care is a high-level of medical care that is provided by trained individuals such as registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs)). Our center proudly staffs each of these nursing care professionals in addition to working with local providers and specialists to ensure you or your loved one has the medical attention they may need during their stay.

Skilled nursing services may be for short-term rehabilitation (less than 100 days) from an injury or illness (also see Home Health Care below), or for long-term for patients with chronic medical conditions requiring frequent care. For those short-term rehabilitation patients, our therapeutic methods confront both the mental and physical aspects of rehabilitation with the belief that recovery comes from both the mind and body. Other types of residents include independent living residents who do not require nursing services, personal care residents who need little assistance beyond our staff overseeing and administering medications (see Assisted Living below), and those with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

In addition to medical services, nursing homes also offer healthy and individualized food plans along with socialization and a daily activities schedule. Visit our Events Calendar to see on-site and off-site activities planned for the month by our Activities Director and Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapists.

Home Health Care, just as it sounds, keeps your loved one at home (or moving into your home) rather than moving into a nursing home facility or assisted living for medical care. It is helpful to know that because skilled nursing services are available in a variety of senior settings, the need for skilled nursing services does not necessarily require being placed in a nursing care facility. Rather, a home health aide may be hired, or you might choose family members’, friends’ or others’ help with your loved one’s personal care activities. For those needing short-term skilled care services, using a home health care provider gives the patient access to highly effective medical treatment while remaining in the comfort of their home.

Respite Care, or temporary institutional care, can provide “time off” for family members, friends, or others trusted with caring for your loved one at home. Under a respite care program, your loved one can come to our center for a short period while the usual caregivers take time to rest and recharge.

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